Eaz..y Maintenance KitEaz..y Maintenance Kit
Eas..y care maintenance kit

“Keeps your leather conditioned and hydrated”
To keep your leather looking and feeling
Great it is essential to keep it hydrated!!

Eas..y care maintenance kits are designed to give you
Everything you require to maintain the moisture
Balance in your leather furniture ,
and keep it protected.

Applied in minutes , as part of your cleaning routine
Both maintain and protect can be applied in
Minutes !! No spending time ,Appling creams and
Working them in , then waiting around for hours.
Simple to apply , with low drying time .

Keep your leather in Showroom condition
With no time or effort . Guaranteed !!

Beware of cheaper , ineffective products
Multi use products are often ineffective and can offer little to no protection values for your leather.

Eas..y care products Guaranteed total protection