Eaz..y Cleaning Kit AutoEaz..y Cleaning Kit Auto
Eas..y care cleaning Kit Auto

“Keeps your auto leather clean and protected”

The ideal kit for cleaning and caring
For your auto leather !!

Keeping your auto leather clean & conditioned
Is essential to prolonging the lifespan of
Your leather . Auto leather is exposed to
Extreme hot and cold conditions
This causes leather to dry out crack and split

Eas..y Care cleaning kits contain everything
You require to stop this happening .

There is no more effective and quicker
Way to look after your auto leather
Easy . Quick & guaranteed to work

A complete kit to maintain that luxury
Look and feel of real leather

Beware of cheaper , ineffective products
Multi use products are often ineffective and can offer little to no protection values for your leather.
Eas..y care auto products Guaranteed total protection