Eaz..y Cleaning kit Eaz..y Cleaning kit
Eas..y care Cleaning kit

“Keeps your leather clean & protected”

The ideal kit to keep your leather
In perfect condition !!

Keeps your leather clean & protected
Will not only make it look and feel fantastic
But will make it “LAST A LIFETIME”.

Our revolutionary foam application will gently
Lift of surface dirt , with ease and no effort ,
Then protect in minutes with Eas..y Protect .

Leather will fade and dry out if not regularly
Cleaned and protected !!!

Eas..y care Cleaning kit gives you all the basics
You require to love and protect your leather
Furniture . GUARANTEED !!

Beware of cheaper , ineffective products
Multi use products are often ineffective and can offer little to no protection values for your leather.
Eas..y care products Guaranteed total protection