Eaz..y Ultra Care KitEaz..y Ultra Care Kit
Eas..y care Ultra care kit

“The ultimate care and protection kit “

All you could ever need to clean and protect your leather

Eas..y Care Ultra care kits
Have been designed to give you all you require
To clean , protect and maintain your leather.
Cleaning made easy with Easy shampoo
Protection made easy with Ultra protect
Maintenance made easy with Easy maintain.

Leather will fade and dry out, if not maintained
This kit is GAUARANTEED to make your
Leather last a lifetime .

Simply use as part of your cleaning routine
No time or effort require , you wont believe
How Easy it can be to car for your leather.

Beware of cheaper , ineffective products
Multi use products are often ineffective and can offer little to no protection values for your leather.
Eas..y care products Guaranteed total protection