Eaz..y Nubuck Care KitEaz..y Nubuck Care Kit
Eazy Nubuck care kit

“Brings Nubuck & Suede back to life”

Caring for Suede or Nubuck can be tricky !
Why not try the Eas..y way !!

Looking after your new suede or nubuck suite
Can be difficult , Why not protect form the
Very start by using our Nubuck care kit....

Stop the build up of dirt and oils that
will damage your suite if left .

Protect against spillages and fading from sunlight

This kit gives you all you require to protect
And maintain your Nubuck suite .
Guaranteed to keep your suite
in showroom condition…

Beware of cheaper , ineffective products
Multi use products are often ineffective and can offer little to no protection values for your leather.

Eas..y care products “Guarantee” total protection
For Suede and Nubuck leather.