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Eaz..y Care Handbag

Eaz..y Pet

4 X the power




Beware of cheaper less concentrated products!!

150ml bottle
Eaz..y Care Product
£ 16.00
80% concentrate
Similar Products
£ 10.00 (average)
20% concentrate

Summary :
To obtain the same concentrate of product you would typically have to purchase Four bottles of a similar product !!!!

That is an additional three bottles to obtain the same amount of concentrate in one bottle of Eaz..y care product ….

This equates to:

£ 16.00 for Eaz..y care

£ 40.00 for Similar product
(additional three bottles)

By purchasing Eaz..y care products you could save a minimum of £24.00 with less time and effort …

“Beware of cheaper diluted products!

You are not always getting value for money”

Because there is only a small percentage of concentrate in some cheaper products , it can actually be diluted by up to 80%. This reduces the overall effectiveness of the product , and to apply the same level of protection as any Eaz..y Care product you would have to purchase up to four equivalent bottles.

That’s three times the amount of product required ……

Three times the amount of work and effort…….

And a massive 250% more expensive than Eaz..y Care ….

“Eaz..y care products are highly concentrated and will give you maximum protection for your leather furniture .”

All leather requires proper cleaning and protection , make sure you give your leather the very best protection possible!
By choosing any Eaz..y Care product you have peace of mind that you are using the very best protection possible, and you are covered by our full 100% money back Guarantee.

These figures are based on random tests of similar products , and are not part of any other independent research.
Individual products may vary in their concentrate content , and their for would be advisable to check prior to purchase.


Eaz..y Care Products
5 Reasons To Choose
Eaz..y Care Products
Highly concentrated for more protection  
Trusted by professional leather technicians throughout the UK  
Low drying time means no hanging around  
Easy to apply saves time and stress  
The only product of it's kind offering 100% money back guarantee  
Eaz..y Care Products
You can save 25% off
Home & Auto Care Kits

Eaz..y Home Care Cleaning kit
Price: £26.00

Eaz..y Home Care Ultra kit
Price: £38.50
Eaz..y Home Care First Aid kit
Price: £41.75

Eaz..y Home Care Maintenance kit
Price: £28.25

Eaz..y Care ManBag care kit
Price: £26.00
Eaz..y Care HandBag kit
Price: £26.00
Eaz..y Auto Care Cleaning kit
Price: £36.50
Eaz..y Auto Care Maintenance kit
Price: £31.50
Eaz..y Auto Care Glove Box kit
Price: £44.00

We at Eaz..y Care products believe that
caring for your leather should be above all Eaz..y!
We guarantee by using our products you will not only save time & money
but will also save on all the hard work

Order any Eaz..y Care product, and if you are for any reason not fully satisfied,
or you do not agree that Eaz..y Care products are not the best and easiest to apply
product on the market today, simply return for a full 100% refund !!!


“Quality products with 100% money back Guarantee”

Eazy Care Products 2011